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Air heater diesel universal parking heater

Air heater diesel universal parking heater

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Diesel heater 12V parking heater with thermostat and remote control
Operation works without a fireplace.

Ideal for individual installation, in niches, engine compartment, trunk, under the seat, shelves or other self-construction.

This model is no more space-saving than the compact finished version, but offers the advantage that all parts can be placed and attached nicely flat in or on a wall.

No oxygen consumption in the heated room.
suitable for camping
This heater is suitable for closed and inhabited rooms.
We also sell the extra extended exhaust pipe and air hoses here as accessories. The exhaust pipe gets hot and should be installed professionally. Critical bushings should be at least 1 cm away from other materials, such as metal, i.e. not directly connected to wood.
Regarding the noise level, only a soft, dull "knocking" can be heard, which roughly corresponds to the noise level of the air noise.


Voltage: 12V

Switch Type: LCD Switch

Specials: auxiliary heating

Power: 2000W to 8000W (model specific)

Model Name: Heater & Fan

Material Type: Metal; plastic

Item Width: 11.5cm

Item weight: 8kg

Item Type: Heaters & Fans

Item Length: 39cm

Item Height: 14.5cm

Fuel: diesel

Scope of delivery:

Heating unit and all basic accessories


air filter

Air hoses and exhaust flex pipe

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insulating mats

For the optimal use of your diesel heater, we have the right accessories to choose from.

For example: insulating mats, extra long exhaust hoses, air hoses and connectors in all shapes...

other accessories

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