Collection: The small oil heater that fits anywhere

continuous operation.
With this clever heater you can heat your room even if there is no normal heating.

Do not worry! The breathing air is not consumed and not polluted. This heater is not dangerous either.

With the thermostat, the device switches itself on when it gets too cold and switches off when your room has reached the desired maximum temperature.

The device is as small as a computer tower.
Any reasonably talented person can install the heater. Standard accessories are included with every heater. There are also special accessories for special requirements. So if the heater is too far away from the wall, we recommend an extra long flue pipe.
With solar panels you achieve even more independence. For this heater you only need a small 12V gel battery with 12 amps for one day.

So this heater can also be used outdoors, far away from civilisation.

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